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Master of Arts in History

Academic Life

StudyingThe College of Arts and Science is the intellectual hub of the University of San Diego and home to the Master of Arts in History. Postgraduate education is a vital part of the USD academic community and is uniquely defined by close working relationships between graduate students and their program's professors.

The Master of Arts in History graduate program has been developed by scholars who strive to give students the highest quality of education along with personalized mentoring and support. M.A. students pursue study of advanced public history or the presentation of historical knowledge to a general public audience. The program is recommended to qualified students who wish to study academic history, especially teaching, and who wish to broaden their educational background. The goals of the program are to allow students to pursue advanced understanding of history and to enhance their career options.

The program is supervised by history faculty, and eight of the ten courses required for the program involve seminars in the department. The two remaining courses are selected by the student from historically oriented courses in the fields of political science, international relations, art history, theology and religious studies, literature, anthropology, ethnic studies, sociology, education, business administration, and law. The graduate program offers opportunities to intern at one of many museums and historical societies in San Diego.

Full-time students typically need two years to complete the program. Part-time study is also welcomed and accommodated by a schedule that offers most graduate classes one evening per week.