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History majors are required to complete 12 units of lower-division coursework. In addition, majors must finish 25 units of upper-division coursework, including HIST 490 (one unit) and HIST 495W, to be taken consecutively during the senior year.

In the major, students must also complete at least two upper-division courses in each of the following three categories: 1) the United States; 2) Europe; and 3) World.

Students may choose to do a three-unit internship at one of the many museums and historical societies located in San Diego.

Lower Division (12 units):

American History (3 units). Choose from:

HIST 117 U.S. History to 1877
HIST 118 U.S. History, 1877 to the Present
HIST 120 U.S. History Topics
HIST 125D Race and Ethnicity in the American Experience
HIST 126D American Women in History

World History (6 units). Choose from:

HIST 102 The Ancient World
HIST 103 The Medieval World
HIST 108 The Atlantic World, 1500-1800
HIST 109 The Pacific World, 1500-1800
HIST 110 World History Topics
HIST 116 War and Peace in the Modern World
HIST 130 Introduction to East Asia
HIST 140 Modern Europe
HIST 170 World History I
HIST 171 World History II

All majors must complete HIST 200 during the sophomore year.

Upper Division (25 units or 9 courses):

HIST 490 Introduction to Senior Seminar (1 unit)
HIST 495W Senior Seminar
2 courses in US History
2 courses in European History
2 courses in World History
1 course in a subject of your choice