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Department of


Learning Goals

Program Goals:

Goal 1: Knowledge

It is the goal of the history department to introduce our majors to history from a variety of periods and regions and to familiarize them with a variety of categories/genres of historical analysis. It is also our goal that each major will ultimately acquire in-depth historical knowledge in the area of his or her specialization.

Goal 2: Skills

While mastery of course content is crucial, it is the primary objective of the history department to teach students skills, such as the ability to interpret primary sources, evaluate secondary sources, communicate effectively, and write a thesis-driven research paper.

There is alignment between the History Department’s Goals and University Goals. In particular, the department, like the University, is committed to the goals of “cultural competence,” “international learning experiences,” “integrated learning experiences,” and giving a “privileged place to the liberal arts” in … [the] undergraduate curriculum.”

Student Learning Outcomes


Outcome 1: Majors can identify significant causes of a given event or historical process and can situate events, ideas, or cultural practices within a larger historical context.


Outcome 2: Majors can write thesis-driven papers that are clear, grammatically correct, well documented, well organized, and expressive of complex thought.

Outcome 3: Majors can make a logical and convincing historical argument that is substantiated by primary sources and situated in existing secondary literature.