History Major

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2016-2017, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on October 1, 2016. Access the catalog of record at http://catalogs.sandiego.edu.

Preparation for the History Major

Lower-Division Requirements
HIST 200The Historian's Craft (Should be taken during sophomore year.)3
Select 2 of the following lower-division history classes:6
HIST 102The Ancient World
HIST 103The Medieval World
HIST 108The Atlantic World 1500-1800
HIST 109The Pacific World, 1500-1800
HIST 110World History Topics
HIST 115Topics in War and Peace in Historical Perspective
HIST 116War and Peace in the Modern World
HIST 117U.S. History to 1870
HIST 118U.S. History, 1877 to the Present
HIST 120U.S. History Topics
HIST 125DRace and Ethnicity in the American Experience
HIST 126DAmerican Women in History
HIST 130East Asia in Transformation
HIST 135Topics in the History of Culture and Identity
HIST 140Modern Europe
HIST 145Topics in Urban History
HIST 150Topics in Comparative History
HIST 155Topics in History, Literature, and Film
HIST 160Topics in History of Science and Technology
HIST 170Big History: From Cosmos to Cannibals
HIST 171Modern World History
HIST 180Great Moments in Time
Upper-Division Requirements
Select 2 upper division courses in United States history6
HIST 349The Vietnam Wars
HIST 370American Environmental History
HIST 372United States-East Asia Relations
HIST 373Armed Conflict and American Society
HIST 374Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 375Topics in U.S. History
HIST 376U.S. Foreign Relations in the Long 19th Century
HIST 377Twentieth Century U.S. Foreign Relations
HIST 380History of the American West
HIST 381American Indian History
HIST 382The Spanish Southwest
HIST 383Chicano/a History
HIST 389History of California
HIST 390Art and Architecture in California
HIST 392History in the Community
Select 2 upper division courses in European history6
HIST 311Greek Civilization
HIST 312Roman Civilization
HIST 321The Fall of the Roman Empire
HIST 322Castles and Crusades: Medieval Europe, 1050-1450
HIST 324Christians, Muslims and Jews in Medieval Spain
HIST 331The Global Renaissance
HIST 333Europe 1600-1800
HIST 340World War I
HIST 341World War II
HIST 343History of Germany Since 1945
HIST 346Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
HIST 347Topics in Modern Europe
HIST 348France in Revolution and War
HIST 350History of the British Isles
HIST 351Modern Britain
HIST 352The British Imperial Experience
HIST 354History of Spain
HIST 355Imperial Russia
HIST 356Soviet Union and After
HIST 357Topics in Russian and East European History
Select 2 upper division courses in World history6
HIST 310Ancient Near East
HIST 340World War I
HIST 341World War II
HIST 342Birth of Two Nations: France and India
HIST 349The Vietnam Wars
HIST 358Topics in Modern World History
HIST 359Modern Middle East
HIST 361Modern Latin America
HIST 362Topics in Latin America History
HIST 363History of Brazil
HIST 364Topics in Asian History
HIST 365China: Rise to Global Power
HIST 366Japan: Samurai to Subaru
HIST 367Women's Lives in East Asia
HIST 368The African Historical Experience
HIST 369Topics in African History
HIST 372United States-East Asia Relations
HIST 384History of Mexico
Select two upper-division HIST courses in any area 16
The following courses must be taken consecutively during the senior year:
HIST 490Introduction To Senior Seminar1
HIST 495WSenior Research Seminar3

Students may choose to do a three-unit internship at one of the many museums and historical societies located in San Diego.

Students should plan their upper-division courses in consultation with their major advisor.

At least 15 of the 25 upper-division units must be taken at USD. No more than 6 non-USD units taken abroad will be accepted for credit toward the history major.

Recommended Program of Study, History

Freshman Year
Semester IHours
Lower Division HIST3
CC or electives9-10
Semester II
Lower Division HIST3
CC or electives12-13
Sophomore Year
Semester I
HIST 200The Historian's Craft3
Upper Division HIST3
CC or electives12-13
Semester II
CC or electives15-16
Junior Year
Semester I
Upper Division HIST3
CC or electives9-10
Semester II
Upper Division HIST6
CC or electives9-10
Senior Year
Semester I
HIST 490Introduction To Senior Seminar1
Upper Division HIST6
CC or electives9
Semester II
HIST 495WSenior Research Seminar3
Upper Division HIST6