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Automatic Synthesis of Realistic Swimming Gaits

Event Start DateThursday, March 27, 2014
Serra Hall 204
Event Start Time12:15 pm - 1:30 pm
CostCost: Free

Abstract: The ability to automatically generate swimming gaits for an aquatic creature has applications to a number of areas including film animation, locomotion of creatures in video games, biological investigations, and more. This talk will survey a general method for automatic generation of realistic swimming gaits for a given aquatic creature and discuss potential improvements to the method. This method uses an evolution strategy known as Covariance Matrix Adaptation in order to optimize the swimming gaits of a creature for a desired trait such as locomotion. Physically-based simulation of an aquatic environment poses significant challenges for the automatic generation of realistic swimming gaits.

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ContactMaria Cristina Manabat | | (619)260-4706