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Out of the Shadows: Uncovering Parallelism in Sequential Programs

Event Start DateFriday, February 15, 2013
Serra Hall, Room 141
Event Start Time12:30 pm - 1:05 pm
CostCost: free

Presented by Saturnino Garcia, PhD, University of San Diego

Audience: Students and Faculty

Multicore processors and graphics processing units are now standard fare for many computing systems. These processors offer the potential for huge amounts of speedup but they come with a catch: software needs to be tailored to take advantage of their parallel capabilities. Modifying existing sequential programs is a major undertaking, fraught with many uncertainties about both the correct steps to take and the ultimate reward for taking these steps. This process is even more onerous given the lack of tools to guide programmers through the parallelization process.

In this talk we will discuss Kremlin, a software tool that answers the questions: "What parts of my program should I spent time parallelizing?" and "How much benefit can I expect from parallelizing my program?" Kremlin provides direct support for programmers looking to get the most out of multicore and graphics processors. In looking at Kremlin, we will also provide some background about the types of parallelism available and the challenges faced by programmers in finding and exploiting that parallelism.

ContactMaria Cristina Manabat | | (619)260-4706