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This is an exciting time for the College of Arts and Sciences.

Our faculty members are receiving national and international recognition for the quality of their research and publications as well as the excellence of their teaching. Our talented students are taking their place on the national stage – receiving prestigious scholarships and awards, winning competitions, publishing their research, and finding new ways of connecting their learning experiences with the world around them. Our alumni are respected and recognized leaders in their fields who are fostering strong and dynamic connections to their communities.

Our mission is to transform all of our students through their enrollment and active participation in academically rigorous and challenging classes that is complemented by substantial and ongoing support and encouragement by our faculty. Since our annual budget is unable to meet the needs of all students, the College of Arts and Sciences relies heavily upon the generosity of parents, alumni, friends, and businesses to sustain the intense learning and community engagement.

Undergraduate Student Scholarships

Increased student scholarship support will ensure our commitment to attracting and retaining the best and brightest students by educating them to be tomorrow's leaders and problem solvers. Your gift to support endowed undergraduate scholarships and awards is vital to providing significant educational and career opportunities for all students.

Graduate Fellowships and other Funding Support

Our graduate students in international relations, history, marine science and environmental studies, theatre, and theology and religious studies are dedicated, unique and highly qualified individuals who are at a critical juncture in their career development. They take on multiple roles in the areas of researchers, educators, and professionals. Your gift to support endowments for graduate fellowships, assistantships, and other formalized training programs are critical to their academic and career success.


Faculty in the College not only conduct research, present their findings and publish books that have a positive and lasting impact on our world, but they touch the lives of the students they teach, mentor and befriend. Our faculty members are real innovators who solve the world's toughest problems, shape the academic frontiers, and actively engage with students.

We believe that we have one of the hardest working, committed, smart, and approachable faculties in the country, and in fact, many of our students would agree. Therefore, as the competition for new talent intensifies and new academic disciplines emerge, we seek to recruit the next generation of teacher-scholars to complement and enhance our current faculty. The College seeks additional financial resources for endowed chairs, professorships, and research to assist in recruitingand retaining the world's most exciting teacher-scholars.

Facilities and Equipment

It is important that the College provide the best possible technologies both education and research. This not only includes new world-class facilities that allow for the pursuit of knowledge, but also to equip cherished historical buildings (like Camino and Founders) with new ways of teaching and learning. The College’s facilities must be transformed for the 21st century to attract and empower the world's top faculty and students. Consequently, the College is constantly changing and evolving its facilities to provide the very best resources for pursuing knowledge and adapting it to our world.

Dean’s Leadership Fund

Gifts that are not designated for a specific purpose (unrestricted gifts)allow the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to respond quickly and positively to many needs as they arise. Unrestricted funds can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a breakthrough discovery. Also, it can mean the opportunity to provide students with the opportunity to hear an internationally recognized speaker or attend and present their research at a national conference. If you give one gift to the College, make it to the Dean’s Leadership Fund.

We encourage you to look around our new site. Look at the pictures and read the stories about our extraordinary alumni, faculty and students. It’s the best way to learn about what we do and see your generosity in action. Let us know what you think by emailing us at And when you hear from us, or a current student calls from our Telefunding Office, or you come across something in USD Magazine that makes you proud, we hope that you consider a gift to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Thank you!