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Faculty Research Grants



The University of San Diego considers research to be an integral part of the faculty's work, and necessary to the liberal arts education offered to students. Faculty Research Grants are a primary means of supporting such scholarship in the College of Arts and Sciences. Scholarship of discovery, application, integration, and pedagogy proposals are all supported through the grant program.

Hooke's microscope


For 2015-2016 FRG Applications

Deadline : October 20, 2014, 5:00pm.

Deadline for Department Chair's online approval: October 24, 2014.

We will begin accepting applications September 16, 2014.

Any proposals uploaded after the deadline will not be considered.

Results of the granting process will be announced before the end of the Fall semester.

There are some changes to the submission process:

  • There are slight changes to the dollar values of awards.
  • Some clarifications of eligibility are included.
  • FRG report for the last FRG received needs to be submitted with proposal.


FRG Guidelines

Submit Proposal

FRG Report - submit your report upon completion of an FRG (deadline for 13-14 FRGs is Nov 1, 2014).