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First-Year Registration

Preceptorial Program

What is the Preceptorial Program?

The USD Preceptorial Program combines aspects of a first-year seminar course and academic advising with a regular class. Some preceptorial classes are traditional general education courses in a specific discipline, while others are interdisciplinary courses examining a problem or issue from several perspectives. Still others are innovative approaches to traditional subject matter or courses of a more experimental nature. The preceptorial classes are limited to fewer than 20 first-year students. This class size makes them about one-half the size of the regular first-year classes.

What is a Preceptor?

A preceptor is the faculty member teaching the preceptorial. In addition to teaching the preceptorial course, the faculty member serves as the academic advisor for the students in the preceptorial until they declare a major.

Does my preceptorial have to lead to my major?

No, your preceptorial does not have to fit into your major or minor. It certainly can, but most preceptorials are general education (CORE) courses.

I’m pre-health. Does my preceptorial need to be a science course?

You do NOT have to be in a science preceptorial if you are pre-health. There are certain courses you will want to take for pre-health, but those courses don’t have to be your preceptorial. For example, you might have an English preceptorial (eliminates a Core requirement), but you would also have a Chemistry and/or Biology course. That way you are still on track with Pre-health, and you are getting general education credit.