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First-Year Registration

Advising Questionnaire

Where do you find the Advising Questionnaire?

The first-year advising questionnaire will be available on Monday, May 11, 2015 at 8 AM. The link to the questionnaire will appear in your MySanDiego portal under the “Admissions” tab and "Announcements" subtab.

Why should I attend the Summer Webinar on May 5th, 2015?

The webinar will guide you through the questionnaire and provide important information about selecting your LLC theme. Your housing selection is linked to your course selection, so viewing the webcast prior to completing the questionnaire will help ensure that this important process goes smoothly.

What if I can't attend the Summer Webinar on May 5th?

If you were unable to join the “Get Classes: Registration” live webcast, you can still view the presentation.

Is there some kind of written resource for filling out the Questionnaire?

Yes! Here it is: Guide to the USD 2015 First-Year Advising Questionnaire

When do you submit the Advising Questionnaire?

It is important to fill out the First-year Advising Questionnaire as soon as possible! Advisors create schedules as questionnaires come in. Please be sure to submit the form by midnight on May 31, 2015.

When do I get my Fall 2015 Schedule?

Once you have successfully submitted your First-year Advising Questionnaire, USD’s team of faculty advisors will use this information to prepare your schedule of classes in order of submission date. Completed schedules will be viewable on the MySanDiego portal in July. You will search for the “View My Schedule” link under the “New Student” tab.