Resources for Department Chairs

Department Chair Resources


  •  Academic Program Review
  •  Risk Assessment and Insurance
  •  Departmental Governance
  •  Budget and Resource Management
  •  Department Facilities, Equipment, and Space
  •  Department and Program Representation
  •  Other Departmental Items

Curriculum and Academic Planning

  •   Undergraduate Curriculum
  •   Assessment
  •   Class Schedule (Semesters, Intersession, Summer) 
  •   Enrollment and Registration Management
  •   Study Abroad
  •   Course Information Management (CIM) – Course Proposals
  •   Core Curriculum
  •   Preceptorials and LLCs (Learning Living Communities)
  •   Co-curricular Functions and Activities
  •   Other Curricular Items


  • Recruitment and Hiring of Tenure-Track Faculty
  •  Rank and Tenure Guidelines and Protocols
  •  Faculty Performance Evaluation and Merit Pay (Tenure-track)
  •  Teaching Load and Course Assignments
  •  Grants and External Funding
  •  Adjunct Faculty
  •  Faculty Development, Mentoring, and Support
  •  Absenteeism, Emergencies, and Substitutions
  •  Academic Assembly and Committees
  •  Managing Faculty Conflict and Building Community
  •  Other Faculty Items


  • Majors and Minors
  • Placement and Registration Management
  • Student Advising
  • Transfer of Credit, Alternate Credit (AP, etc.)
  • Work-Study Students
  • Honors Convocation Protocols
  • Academic Integrity – Process and Forms
  • Handling Student Complaints and other Issues
  • Other Student Items


  • Hiring Staff – Procedures and Protocols
  • General Information for Supervision of Staff
  • Staff Performance Reviews
  • Other Staff Items

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