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Ethnic Studies


Julian Samora and the Establishment of Latino Studies in Higher Education

Event Start DateFriday, June 11, 2010
Cal Poly Pomona, Bldg 02, Room 113
Event Start Time5:00 pm

"Moving Beyond Borders" by Alberto Lopez Pulido, PhD, examines the life and accomplishments of Julian Samora, the first Mexican-American sociologist in the United States and the founding father of the discipline of Latino studies. Detailing his distinguished career at the University of Notre Dame from 1959 to 1984, the book documents the history of the Mexican-American Graduate Studies program that Samora established at Notre Dame and traces his influence on the evolution of border studies, Chicano studies, and Mexican-American studies.

Samora's groundbreaking ideas opened the way for Latinos to understand and study themselves intellectually and politically, to analyze the complex relationships between Mexicans and Mexican Americans, to study Mexican immigration, and to ready the United States for the reality of Latinos as the fastest growing minority in the nation. In addition to his scholarly and pedagogical impact, his leadership in the struggle for civil rights was a testament to the power of community action and perseverance. Focusing on Samora's teaching, mentoring, research, and institution-building strategies, "Moving Beyond Borders" explores the legacies, challenges, and future of ethnic studies in United States higher education.

Pulido will also be keynote speaker at the Chicano Latino Graduation for the class of 2010 at Cal Poly Pomona on June 12.

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