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Department of

Ethnic Studies

Catholic Social Teaching

The Department of Ethnic Studies is a vibrant, interdisciplinary program that allows students to critically examine the historical, cultural, and social dynamics of race and ethnicity in the United States. Our core courses thoroughly ground students in theoretical perspectives and applied practices in relation to the intersectionality of race, class, sexuality, gender, and nation; analyze how relationships between structure and agency are rooted in History and Identity, Creativity and Spirituality, and Institutions and Activism; explore comparative and transnational racial formations and sovereignty movements; and bridge classroom learning with participatory action research and social activism. In particular, we explore how communities of color have transformed past and present legacies of colonialism, oppression, and discrimination and generated new wisdoms, practices, and cultures.

The Department of Ethnic Studies is committed to developing students’ critical thinking skills and compassionate social engagement as identified in the fundamental tenets of Catholic Social Teaching. The following essay guides the work we do in the Department of Ethnic Studies as reflected in Catholic Social Teaching and in the mission and vision statement of the University of San Diego.

A Vocation of Space: Race and Ethnicity as a Responsible and Necessary Challenge to US Catholic Education in the 21st Century

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