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Department of

Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Environmental Studies Minor

The environmental studies minor is offered by the Department of Environmental and Ocean Sciences. The environmental studies minor is intended to accompany majors in the natural sciences, liberal arts, business, or education. This minor is intended to provide coursework in subjects that will help a student work in fields related to sustainability, environmental policy or management. This minor requires a consultation with an environmental studies advisor prior to registering for ENVI 300. A minimum of 18 units is required. Certain courses offered through field programs (like the School for Field Studies) may satisfy some requirements of the minor.

Required Courses

Lower Division
Take either:
ENVI 112 (= BIOL 112)
Ecology and Environmental Biology (3) OR
ENVI 121 Life in the Ocean (4)

Take either:
ENVI 104/104L
Natural Disasters (4) OR
ENVI 110 Introduction to Physical Geography and Earth Systems (4) OR
MARS 220 Introduction to Physical Oceanography (4)

Upper Division
ENVI 300 Environmental Issues (3)
Prerequisites for ENVI 300 are ENVI 104/104L or ENVI 109 or ENVI 110 and ENVI 121 or ENVI 112 (= BIOL 112) or BIOL 190.

Take three courses, including at least one science course with laboratory and at least one non-science course. Note: Some of these courses have additional prerequisites.

Science Courses
ENVI 305 Environmental Assessment Practices (3)
ENVI 314 Introduction to Maps and Spatial Data Analysis (3)
ENVI 315 Geographic Information Systems (3)
ENVI 331W Coastal Environmental Science (4)
ENVI 355 Environmental Chemistry (3)
ENVI 420 Introduction to Remote Sensing (4)
ENVI 485 Environmental Geology (4)
ENVI 487 Surface Water Hydrology (4)
MARS 427 Marine Environment (3)
MARS 473 Climatology (4)
MARS 474 History of the Earth and Climate (3) WITH OR WITHOUT
MARS 474L History of the Earth and Climate Laboratory (1)

Non-Science Courses
ANTH 335 Nautical Archeology (3)
ANTH 336 Pre-Classical Seafaring (3)
ANTH 339 Post-Medieval Seafaring and Empire (3)
ECON 308 Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (3)
HIST 370 American Environmental History (3)
PHIL 338 Environmental Ethics (3)
PHIL 344 Environmental Justice (3)
POLS 329 Law of the Sea (3)
POLS 342D Urban Politics (3)
POLS 349 Politics and the Environment (3)
SOCI 362 Social Change: Global Perspectives (3)
SOCI 400 Urban Planning (3)
SOCI 455 Cities in Global Context (3)