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Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Environmental Studies Major

The environmental studies major is offered by the Environmental and Ocean Sciences Department and is designed as an interdisciplinary approach studying environmental issues from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities perspectives. This major is intended to provide students with a background in the natural sciences balanced by breadth in the social sciences and humanities most directly connected to environmental issues facing the world today. Students majoring in environmental studies will be well prepared to pursue graduate studies in environmental policy, resource management, environmental science, law or any area in the rapidly developing industries related to environmental sustainability.
The environmental studies major offers a curriculum that includes preparatory courses in the natural and social sciences designed to prepare students for both the core upper division environmental science classes and the suite of electives they will take as part of the major. Several of the courses in the preparation for the major satisfy core curriculum requirements. Students must complete a capstone experience that consists of at least two units of practical experience followed by Senior Seminar where students formally share the results of their work. Certain courses offered through field programs (like the School for Field Studies) or study abroad programs may satisfy some requirements of the major.

Preparation for the Major

Lower Division
Lower-Division Courses required of environmental studies majors include:
Take either:
ENVI 112 (= BIOL 112)
Ecology and Environmental Biology (3) OR
ENVI 121 Life in the Ocean (4)

Take either:
ENVI 109 Introduction to Physical Geography (4) OR
ENVI 110 Introduction to Earth Systems (4) OR
ENVI 104 Natural Disasters (3) and ENVI 104L –Natural Disasters Laboratory (1)
MATH 120 Introduction to Statistics (3)
CHEM 151 General Chemistry with lab (4) & 151L
ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
POLS 125 American Politics OR
POLS 175 International Relations (3)
SOCI 218D Contemporary Social Issues: Community, Urbanization and Culture (3)
Total Preparation Units: 26-27
Note: Some of the preparatory courses may have additional prerequisites.

Major Requirements

The major is made up of core environmental studies and marine science courses that are required and a selection of three additional elective courses that must include at least one science course with lab and at least one non-science course. These requirements are designed to emphasize the scientific basis of environmental topics while still providing options for students who want to emphasize the natural or social sciences at the upper division level. Students will complete a total of 32-34 units of upper division credit.

Upper Division Environmental Studies Core

23 units of upper division courses in environmental Studies and/or marine science
ENVI 300 Environmental Issues (3)
ENVI 305 Environmental Assessment Practices (3)
PHIL 338 Environmental Ethics (3) OR
PHIL 344 Environmental Justice (3)
ENVI 314 Introduction to Maps & Spatial Data Analysis (3) OR
ENVI 313 Geospatial Information Systems for Organizations (3)
ENVI 331W Coastal Environment Science (4)
ENVI 485 Environmental Geology (4) OR
ENVI 487 Surface Water Hydrology (4) OR
MARS 473 Climatology (4) OR
MARS 474 History of Earth and Climate (3) AND
MARS 474L History of Earth and Climate Laboratory (1)

Capstone Experience — at least two units of practical experience in ENVI 496, 498, 499, or an equivalent course and ENVI 495, Senior Seminar (1) for a total of three units

Note: Practical experience units must be completed at least one semester before taking ENVI 495.
A maximum of three units in addition to capstone requirements of ENVI 496, 497, 498 and 499 may be used in any combination to satisfy course requirements of the major.

9-11 units consisting of three upper division courses, at least one science with lab and at least one non-science

ENVI 315 Geographic Information Systems (3)
ENVI 355 Environmental Chemistry (3)
ENVI 420 Introduction to Remote Sensing (4)
ENVI 485 Environmental Geology (4)
ENVI 487 Surface Water Hydrology (4)
MARS 427 Marine Environment (3)
MARS 473 Climatology (4)
MARS 474 History of Earth and Climate (3) with OR without
MARS 474L History of Earth and Climate Laboratory (1)

Non- Science
ECON 308 Envrionmental and Natural Resource Economics (3)
HIST 370 American Environmental History (3)
POLS 329 Law of the Sea (3)
POLS 342D Urban Politics (3)
POLS 349 Politics and the Environment (3)
SOCI 362 Social Change: Global Perspectives (3)
SOCI 400 Urban Planning (3)
SOCI 455 Cities in Global Context (3)