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Department of

Environmental and Ocean Sciences

Zhi-Yong Yin, PhD


Zhi-Yong Yin, PhD, came to USD in 2003 after teaching at Georgia State University in Atlanta for 12 years. He offers classes in hydrology, climatology, geographic information systems (GIS), and remote sensing. His research focus is hydroclimatology, with special interests in recent and past climate variations and the impact on hydrological systems and water resources in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau.


Ph.D., University of Georgia
M.S., Peking University, China
B.S., Peking University, China

Scholarly and Creative Work

Trained as a geographer, Yin has a broad spectrum of research interests. His past projects included studies of climatic variability of different time scales, impact of urbanization on water quality and quantity, coastal environment, and a NASA-sponsored project to evaluate rainfall estimates based on satellite passive microwave remote sensing over the Tibetan Plateau. He is currently involved in projects of using tree rings to reconstruct past climates in various regions in China and climate science education in San Diego. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 research articles published in peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Climate, Journal of Geophysical Research, International Journal of Climatology, and Journal of Hydrometeorology. Yin has directed both graduate and undergraduate student research in areas of hydrology and climatology.

Teaching Interests

Yin has taught Introduction to Earth Systems, Introduction to Maps and Spatial Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Introduction to Remote Sensing, Surface Water Hydrology, and Climatology.