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Scholarships for English Majors

Scholarships Available for English Majors

The English department currently offers one scholarship for majors.  For this scholarship, candidates must be majoring in English, in good academic standing, and have demonstrated financial need.  The Danvera Scholarship preference is for students who have exhibited leadership skills.  Nominations for this scholarship comes from English faculty. Qualified students may also speak to the Department Chair for more information.

Danvera Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Danvera Scholarship! The following English majors have been awarded a Danvera scholarship: Danielle Piper Bloom, Ashley Sapp, and Shandie Synder. Congratulations to 2015's recipients!
Piper Bloom, Ashley Sapp & Shandie Synder head shots

The Danvera Scholarship is $5,000 and is provided annually by the Danvera Foundation.
Students must be:
- Majoring in English
- In good academic standing, maintaining a GPA of 3.0 or better
- Have demonstrated financial need

Preference goes to:
- Students who have exhibited leadership skills


For Scholarships:

Financial Aid will make the determinations of financial need.

Please contact the Department of English Chair for further inquiries.