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Learning Outcomes

English Department Program Goals:

In light of the university’s values to pursue academic excellence, intellectual development and appreciation for the global community, the English Department aims to develop students’

1. critical reading, thinking, writing and research skills;

2. knowledge of literatures across historical and geographical boundaries;

3. understanding of texts in their diverse ethnic, socio-political, religious, and cultural contexts;

4. comprehension of literary traditions and conventions;

5. appreciation for and the understanding of the vital role of artistic expression in society and culture.

Learning Outcomes:

English majors will aim to:

1. Generate a close reading of a text both in writing and viva voce.

2. Employ relevant ethnic, socio-political, religious, and cultural, and historical contexts to analyze and interpret literary texts.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of literary traditions and conventions.

4. Research and write cogent essays in clear, grammatical prose.

5. Participate actively in class and workshop discussions by asking probing questions, offering original answers, and listening appreciatively to others’ perspectives.

6. Create or evaluate the formal features of original poetry, prose fiction, creative non-fiction, drama or screenplay.