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Emphasis Requirements

Requirements for English Major with an Emphasis in Creative Writing

English majors complete 12 units of upper division creative writing courses.  Basic requirements are:
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One course of:

ENGL 375 Introduction to Creative Writing


Two courses in a specified genre including:

ENGL 381 Intermediate Poetry Writing

ENGL 391 Advanced Poetry Writing


ENGL 382 Intermediate Fiction Writing

ENGL 392 Advanced Fiction Writing


ENGL 383 Intermediate Nonfiction Writing

ENGL 393 Advanced Nonfiction Writing                  

(*Enrollment in intermediate creative writing courses is by consent of the instructor with preference for students who have completed ENGL 375 and students who have completed at least one English Department literature course covering poetry or fiction, respectively.  Intermediate courses are the prerequisites for the advanced courses.)


One “crossover” course in a genre other than the student’s specified genre in any of the following:

ENGL 376 Topics In Creative Writing: Screenwriting  (*Enrollment by consent of the instructor)

ENGL 381 Intermediate Poetry Writing   

ENGL 382 Intermediate Fiction Writing

ENGL 383 Intermediate Nonfiction Writing

ENGL 494 Writing Autobiography

ENGL 494/THEA 365W Playwriting