Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2016-2017, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on October 1, 2016. Access the catalog of record at http://catalogs.sandiego.edu.


Option I:

Three semesters in Greek or Latin and nine units in upper division classical studies courses from a minimum of two disciplines (listed below), plus either a fourth semester in a classical language or three units from the lower-division classical studies courses (listed below).

Option II:

18 units, including 6 Lower-Division Units from the courses below, and 12 Upper-Division Units from a minimum of two academic disciplines.

Select 6 Lower-Division Units from:
ARTH 133Introduction to Art History I3
ENGL 220Studies in Genre3
ENGL 228Studies in World Literature3
HIST 102The Ancient World3
PHIL 270History of Ancient Philosophy3
Select 12 Upper-Division Units from:
ANTH 390Archaeology of the Bible3
ANTH 391Bethsaida Archaeological Field School3
ENGL 494Special Topics3
GREK 499Independent Study1-3
HIST 311Greek Civilization3
HIST 312Roman Civilization3
HIST 321The Fall of the Roman Empire3
LATN 499Independent Study1-3
PHIL 470Studies in Ancient Philosophy3
POLS 301Political Thought:Ancient to Modern3
THRS 353Early Christianity3
THRS 385Paul, the Man & his Message3
THRS 388The World of the Bible3