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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Associated Students Grants

Research Grant money is available!

Associated Students Academic Research Grants help to empower students to test the limits of their academic potential by monetarily contributing to students’ creative endeavors within their respective disciplines. Open to all undergraduate students in all disciplines, Associated Students Academic Research Grants are available both on a semester basis in both the fall and in the spring semesters, as well as on a year-long basis in the fall semester – for projects that span two semesters. The aim of Associated Students Academic Research Grants is to defray some of the costs associated with original culminating projects such as term projects, senior projects, group projects, and theses.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Alexander Owen, the Associated Students Vice President for Academics at , at extension 4973, or by stopping by the Associated Students Executive Office in UC225 in person.

Please visit the Associated Students Web site for more information.