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Chemistry and Biochemistry


Julia Schafer, Nominee for the 2011 Woman of Impact Award


Dr. Julia Schafer brings livelihood to a subject that tends to be difficult for students to grasp and works to make learning a fun experience for everyone in the classroom. She actively involves each of her students and provides them with an environment that nurtures their academic pursuits. In Buddhism there is a concept of Upaya -- or skillful means. Dr. Schafer fully embodies these traits as she is able to teach the same material to students at all levels.

There are many situations in the classroom where some students aren't up to speed with the rest of the class. Often times, the professor will allow for them to slip away and fall behind. Dr. Schafer takes a different approach by making time to meet with each of her students individually and offers them the best chance they can get for mastering the material. Her ability to demonstrate compassion for her students serves as an example for all of us who have had the pleasure of having her as a professor. She is active in many organizations within the science department and encourages her students to participate in their functions as a means to obtain a well-rounded education. Dr. Schafer makes her student's experience at USD better and for this, she deserves the Woman of Impact Award.

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