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The De Haan Group


The De Haan group posed for a group photo on a hazy afternoon this fall. Pictured left to right are postdoctoral scholar Lelia Hawkins, PhD, Kevin Forey, Don Millar, David De Haan, PhD, Michelle Powelson, Kristin Sullivan, and Molly Baril. All five undergraduates were new to research, and in addition to the usual aerosol chemistry projects, Millar worked on a collaborative project with USD anthropologists to analyze Anasazi pottery artifacts for chocolate residue. 

During the summer, Alec Rynaski, Stephanie Wood, Julia Kononenko and Jake Turley worked in the lab along with Mater Dei high school student Isabel Stonehouse. Dr. De Haan and Dr. Hawkins co-directed the students, co-taught Analytical Chemistry, and co-led an atmospheric chemistry hands-on demonstration at Mater Dei. Dr. Hawkins learned so much from these experiences that she promptly landed an assistant professor position at Harvey Mudd College for fall 2011, to the delight of the entire department. 

Fall ended with a new, top-journal publication describing the aerosol-forming reactions of methylglyoxal and amines, which may explain atmospheric observations of polymerized, brown stuff in aerosol particles: De Haan, D. O.; Hawkins, L. N.; Kononenko, J. A.; Turley, J. J.; Corrigan, A. L.; Tolbert, M. A.; Jimenez, J. L., Formation of nitrogen-containing oligomers by methylglyoxal and amines in simulated evaporating cloud droplets. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2010, in press.

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