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Chemistry and Biochemistry


Professor Matulef Receives Cottrell College Science Award


Kimberly Matulef, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, has received a Cottrell College Science Award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement.  The award, combined with matching funds from USD, will provide $64,000 over two years for a project entitled “Bacterial Chloride-Transport Proteins: Bridging the Structure-Function Gap”.  This research will support significant research by USD undergraduate researchers.

    The family of CLC (“chloride channel”) proteins has diverse and critical physiological roles in organisms ranging from bacteria to humans.  This protein family encompasses two types of transporters originally though to be fundamentally different from one another- passive and active transporters.  Matulef’s research group plans to use novel bacterial CLC proteins to understand the molecular similarities and differences between these two types of transport mechanisms.  Determining how similar basic structures are altered to carry out different functions at the molecular level will improve our understanding of how membrane proteins work in general and how different types of membrane transport have evolved.

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