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Department of

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jeremy Kua, PhD

Interim Chair/Associate Professor

Jeremy Kua, PhD, teaches courses in physical chemistry, general chemistry and computational chemistry. His current research interest is investigating the dynamics of self-assembly in a variety of chemical systems.

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Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Chemistry
B.A., Reed College, Chemistry

Postdoctoral work, University of California, San Diego.

Scholarly and Creative Work

Kua is interested in how small molecules self-assemble, from the laws of chemistry and physics, into larger highly ordered three-dimensional frameworks. Students in his research lab use quantum chemical calculations and molecular dynamics simulations to understand the thermodynamics and kinetics leading to self-assembly. Systems being studied include covalent organic frameworks, metal-benzene clusters, metal-organic frameworks, oligomer formation in secondary organic aerosols, and weakly bound crystalline systems. In his spare time, Kua ponders the chemistry of the origin of life.

Teaching Interests

In his upper division classes, Kua looks at the interface of chemistry and physics. Broadly these areas include quantum mechanics, the nature of chemical bonding, statistical thermodynamics and kinetic theory. Kua also teaches the basic principles of chemistry at the introductory level to both science and non-science majors. He has taught several of the honors sections in introductory chemistry.