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Department of

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Helene Citeau, PhD

Director of Scientific Instruments

Hélène Citeau, PhD, is the instrument specialist of the Chemistry and Biochemistry department. She supports teaching and research activities by overseeing instrument use and budget, maintaining the pool of instruments and equipment, acting as a point of contact with instrument vendors, and developing good practices for instrument users.

Prior to joining USD, Citeau was Lead Application Scientist for BioDot, Inc., an instrument company manufacturing nanoliter dispensing instruments. She started her career as a research scientist working for BioCrystal, Ltd, a company developing quantum dots.


Ph.D., University of Toledo, OH, Inorganic Chemistry (2001)
M.S., National School of Engineers, Lille, France; Chemical Engineering (1997) 

Scholarly and Creative Work

During her Ph.D. thesis, Citeau synthesized and characterized a novel class of organotellurium compounds and studied their potential as thin film precursors for solar cell applications. Her work was published in Chemical Communication, Journal of Organomethallic Chemistry, Acta Crystallographica and Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie. During her work as application scientist, she published her findings in lateral flow and microarraying processes in Vitro Diagnostic Technology and Lab Manager. In her current position, she participates in the grant writing process for instruments purchase.

Teaching Interests

Citeau develops new instrument methods and writes step-by-step tutorials to help all instrument users. She also provides training on all instruments to research students, teaching assistants, faculty and outside users.