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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Using Sparky

On the Inova 500:

1)             Join an experiment and note the experiment number (e.g. exp999).

2)             Load (drag and drop from the directory window) a datafile into the spectral

window.  This should automatically process the data.  If not, process the data as desired.  If it is a 2D dataset, make sure that you are viewing the FULL spectrum and that the horizontal axis is the F1 dimension.

3)             Type flush in the command line.

The proper data that is readable by Sparky is now stored in the directory:

/home/Username/vnmrsys/  as exp999 (Username is how you logged in, e.g. chemlab).  You will want to transfer the entire exp999 folder in the next steps.

FTP to Athena from PC browser:  in address line, login is with Username, then open the vnmrsys folder

To convert Varian data to Sparky data:

1)    drag and drop the experiment folder(s) from vnmrsys (above) to PC

2)    open a command line window: Start à Run à cmd and click OK

3)    change directory (cd) to the folder where the NMR data lives, make sure the executable “vnmr2ucsf.exe” is in the folder with your NMR data folders.

4)    At the command line, type:

vnmr2ucsf  FOLDERNAME/procpar FOLDERNAME/datdir/phasefile FOLDERNAME.ucsf H H <return>

You can then open the FOLDERNAME.ucsf file from within Sparky.