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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Saving & Retrieving Data as User Organic


1. Collect data as usual in walkup interface. 

Be sure to include a sample name in the "start" window.

2.  After experiments are completed, minimize Vnmrj interface by clicking on the small

            dot in the upper right corner of the window.

3.  Click on the file cabinet icon on the bottom panel (left side) of the Desktop and drag to the following icons.

            Data  where research group data is stored in subdirectories.

            Studies where the automated interfaces stores data.

            Windows will pop-up on the desktop with the files in these folders. 

4.  In the studies folder,  find the file from your automation run.  This file will be named in the following format "auto_date_#"  (ex.  auto_2005.03.14_03")

            The files should be listed with the newest ones at the top.

Double click on it and look for your date files.  The filename should be in the form, "samplename_seqfil_#.fid" (ex.  ethylbenzene_s2pul_01.fid).

You can drag and drop the .fid files to your personal directory on the desktop.


1)   Launch vnmrj as usual.

2)  At the top of the far left panel of the screen, there is a window that displays the current path for data storage (should look like: /home/username/vnmrsys/rest of last path viewed/).  On the top edge of this window is a small blue arrow

(pointing up).  If you click the arrow, you will change the directory path (it moves up in the tree) until you get to /export/home/organic/vnmrsys/data (which is where your personal folder lives).

3)  Scroll down and find your personal folder/directory from the list in the window.

Double click on your personal directory,  and then double click on the filename of the sample you wish to view.  This opens to another list of files from you can locate a folder named data; open the data folder and locate a file with the name samplename_seqfil_#.fid

4)      From the list there, you can either double click or drag and drop your experiment samplename_seqfil_#.fid into the spectral window.  It should automatically process.