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All Biology students are encouraged to participate in the research programs of Biology faculty members (see Faculty information for details). Taking part in the research process alongside one of your professors can be a valuable component of the undergraduate experience. The benefits include learning how the process of science really works, learning valuable research techniques, and getting to know your teacher better. Students interested in graduate school will find the research experience an instructive preview of what lies ahead, and students applying to professional schools will find it a significant asset.

Students engaged in research can get academic credit for their work, or they may receive a stipend or support through a number of programs (see information on SURE, McNair Scholarships, Goldwater Scholarships). Many of our students present their research at regional or national conferences and through participation in the Creative Collaborations conference held for USD student-faculty joint research.

Office of Undergraduate Research

Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

Creative Collaborations - USD's Undergraduate Reserach Conference

McNair Scholars

Goldwater Scholarship

The Alice B. Hayes Science Scholarships/Fellowships