Learning Outcomes

Program Goals

  • Students develop a strong foundation in the Fundamental Concepts of Biology.
  • Students can function successfully in a laboratory and field setting.
  • Students can employ the scientific method to generate new information.
  • Students can synthesize a cogent argument in the language of science.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of their degree students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the foundational concepts of biology, including cellular, organismal and evolutionary biology.
  • Integrate mathematical, physical, chemical and biological principles to better understand the functioning of biology systems.
  • Articulate and apply basic principles related to techniques and equipment used in biological investigation.
  • Critically analyze data and use results to evaluate hypotheses in the context of primary literature.
  • Formulate hypotheses informed by primary literature and test them using appropriate experimental and observational approaches.
  • Prepare and give a written or oral presentation, using data, that synthesizes information from multiple sources including primary scientific literature.