The Kumeyaay Garden

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The Kumeyaay Garden presents an opportunity for the community of USD to make a meaningful connection to the land and to the living Kumeyaay legacy. The Kumeyaay people were the first inhabitants of San Diego. This Native American culture inhabited lands from northern Baja up to Oceanside and out east to the Colorado River. The Kumeyaay nation remains a vibrant and active part of the San Diego community.

Located immediately north of the University Center, the Kumeyeaay Garden borders the south ridge of Tecolote Canyon. We encourage everyone to stop by this garden, enjoy the view and spend some time with the native plants that are an important part of the Kumeyaay culture. The Kumeyaay use these plants for food, drink, medicine, tools, clothing and shelter.

As you walk along the path through the garden, you'll notice that the plants are labeled 1-39. A brief description of each plant is listed below. This description includes a summary of the traditional use of these plants by the Kumeyaay people.

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White Sage

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