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Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Minor

The minor in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program that provides students with an opportunity to supplement their major with a structured and directed program of study in Asian histories, religions, cultures, politics, and societies.  It is designed to help students develop a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of Asian countries and their peoples and to enhance the students' awareness of themselves and their role in an increasingly global world.


Option I:

Four semesters in an Asian language and nine units from the upper division Asian studies courses from a minimum of two disciplines (listed below).

Option II:

18 units, including six lower-division units from ARTH 140, The Buddhist Temple; HIST 130, Introduction to East Asia; PHIL 175, Asian Philosophy; and THRS 112, Introduction to World Religions; and 12 Upper-Division Units from a minimum of two academic disciplines:

ECON 337
HIST 364
HIST 365
HIST 366
HIST 367
HIST 372
MUSC 340
MUSC 357
PHIL 476
POLS 358
POLS 367
POLS 368
THRS 312
THRS 314
THRS 315
THRS 316
THRS 317

Economic Development of Asia
Topics in Asian History (including: Chinese History through Film; Contemporary China)
History of China
History of Japan
Women in East Asia
U.S.-East Asia Relations
Topics in World Music (Musics of Asia)
Gamelan Ensemble
Studies in Asian Philosophy
Politics in South Asia
Politics in Japan
Politics in China
The Hindu Tradition
Buddhist Thought and Culture
Islamic Faith and Practice
The Daoist Tradition
Religions of China

Other courses related to Asia may also qualify for the minor, including those offered through USD's International Studies Abroad. Please see the coordinator for approval.

USD Undergraduate Course Catalog: Asian Studies Minor