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Duncan McCosker: Simultaneity in Photography


San Diego Union-Tribune -- Over the past decade, I would drop in on Duncan McCosker at his University of San Diego office. "Duncan, I have some new work." "Come on in, Joe, let's see what you have."

It was my current batch of images - some straight photographs, others that were extensively edited in Photoshop and were perhaps remade as montages, some on metal.

Duncan has a keen eye as a photographer and as a teacher of photography. I needed feedback from someone who could ask the tough questions, maybe lead me into insights that I failed to see in my own work. A mentor, a friend and a comrade in the arms of the photographic image.

And now the tables were turned. We would be having lunch at Lotus Thai on Sixth Avenue to discuss Duncan's latest documentary series: Sites of Leisure/Sites of Desperation. (Full Story)


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