Learning Outcomes

Art History Student Learning Outcomes

Base of Knowledge

Know the artists, dates, sites and basic terms, as well as the foundational readings and important case studies, that figure in the history of art and architecture of specific time periods and geographic regions.


Analyze specific works of art and architecture in relationship with the principal theoretical debates that have surrounded them, and with the various interpretative methods that have emerged out of them.

Critical Thinking

Demonstrate an ability to engage critically the concerns of the discipline of the history of art and architecture. Demonstrate an ability to identify the salient points of a text in the history or theory of art and architecture. Use different theoretical positions to interpret and critique works of art or architecture. Write an argument and cite sources.

Synthesis / Original Research

Formulate a research question; collect, select and present relevant information; compare and contrast the points of view and positions of historians and theorists of art and architecture. Students will distinguish their authorial voice from that of others and that of their information. Draw a conclusion or a thesis that conveys the complexity of the researched topic and takes a position; substantiate the position by deploying evidence; present the position in a clearly organized and persuasive essay.