Advising and Registration for First-Year Students

Faculty advisors assist with information about academic policies, course selection, class reservation and registration procedures, and graduation requirements. They also help students make decisions about educational goals, alternatives and career needs.

Learning Communities Course

Incoming first-year students are registered in classes during the summer prior to the fall semester by faculty members serving as summer advisors. Each student has one class that is designated as his/her Living Learning Community (LLC) linked course, which can be compared to a homeroom class. This class is linked to LLC themes, and the faculty member who teaches each LLC class serves as an academic advisor until students formally declare their major.

Transfer students will also be assigned to one Transfer Learning Community (TLC) linked course, which is linked to one of the TLC themes. Transfer students will be assigned an advisor based on their major. Are you a transfer student? Here's more information for you.

Your Academic Advisor

In addition to teaching the LLC course, LLC faculty serve as academic advisors for students from the time they enter USD. When students declare their major, the advising responsibility shifts to the department. Undeclared sophomores are referred to the Dean's office for advisement.

OLÉ! Weekend

Incoming first-year students will meet with their LLC faculty during OLÉ! Weekend. One of the purposes of this meeting is to introduce students to the Core Curriculum and liberal arts and to troubleshoot student schedules (for example, math and foreign language placement).

Advisor Holds

All incoming first-year students will have advisor holds placed on their registration until they meet with their LLC faculty during OLÉ! Weekend. Holds will prevent incoming students from making uninformed changes to their schedules. Many new students won't yet fully understand the academic requirements at USD.

Immediately following the OLÉ! Weekend meeting, all first-year student advisor holds will be lifted automatically.

During subsequent registration periods, advisor holds will be used for all undeclared students, but lifted and remain lifted once a student has declared a major, with the exception of tardy graduation petitioners.