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Advising and Registration for Transfer Students

In order to assist students in maximizing their collegiate experience, an academic advising program exists that specifically suits the needs of the USD community regarding registration for classes. The program is consistent with the university’s desire to foster a supportive, interactive environment that regards all students as individuals. In academic advising, each student works individually with an advisor both on procedures for completion of the degree and on development of the skills needed to make informed decisions. Therefore, advisors assist with information about academic policies, course selection, class reservation and registration procedures, and graduation requirements, as well as facilitating decision making about educational goals, alternatives, and career needs.

Incoming Transfer Students

Transfer students often arrive at USD with intentions to major in a given area, and are therefore assigned advisors in that major. For transfer students who have not decided upon a major, advising and assistance with course registration will be done for a period of time by the academic deans in the College of Arts and Sciences, Founders Hall, Room 114. Prior to their first semester, they meet with a dean to initiate the advising process and to register for their classes. All students need to declare their major on a Declaration of Major form, which is available at One Stop Services or

All incoming transfer students will have advisor holds placed on their registration. If transfers have determined a major at the point of enrollment, they should meet with a faculty advisor in that major and complete a declaration of major form. If transfers are undeclared, they will be advised by the College Dean’s office. Once transfers have been advised the designated advisors will lift their holds. Advisor Responsibilities: Provide contact information (office phone # and e-mail), explain major requirements, review academic progress, and map out an estimated plan for graduation.

Current Students

After the first year, all students who have declared their majors are assigned to a faculty member in that discipline. Advisors in the major can offer the depth of knowledge about their field needed to crystallize ideas about course registration, internships, independent study courses, application to graduate or professional schools, and career opportunities.

Undeclared freshmen and sophomores will continue to be advised by their Preceptor. Undeclared juniors and seniors will be advised by the Dean’s Office, College of Arts and Sciences. All students who have completed 45 or more units and who have not declared a major will be sent an electronic notification urging them to declare a major and outlining the procedural steps for doing so. Reminders will be sent out periodically until the declaration occurs. These students will also be encouraged to meet with an advisor in the Dean’s office, who can assist these students in developing an effective academic plan.