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Academic Assembly

Academic Assembly Committees, University Panels, and University Senate 2015-16 Elected Membership


Note: No assembly member may serve concurrently on more than two CAS standing committees.

Committee on Appointment, Reappointment, Rank and Tenure (8 members)

Continuing Members (final year):

Terry Bird (BIOL), Brian Clack (PHIL), David Shirk (POLS-IREL), Abraham Stoll (ENGL)

New Members (2-year term):

Kimberly Eherenman (LANG), Jane Friedman (MATH-COMP), Eric Pierson (COMM), Jennifer Zwolinski (PSYC)

Note: a maximum of two untenured members may serve on this committee.

Academic Affairs and Planning Committee (9 members)

Continuing Members (final year):

Christopher Adler (MUSC), Aaron Gross (THRS), Alberto Pulido (ETHN), Inigo Yanguas (LANG)

New Members (2-year term):

Harriet Baber (PHIL), Christopher Daley (CHEM), Diane Keeling (COMM), Jessica Patterson (ART), Ann Pirruccello (PHIL)

Student Member (selected by AS, one-year term)

Faculty Status Committee (5 members)

Continuing Members (final year):

Loredana Di Martino (LANG), John Halaka (ART)

New Members (2-year term):

Steven Staninger, (LIBR), Sandra Sgoutas-Emch (PSYC), Inigo Yanguas (LANG)

Junior Faculty Advisory Committee (4 members)

New Members (1 year term):

Adam Haberman (BIOL), Ivan Ortiz (ENGL), Greg Prieto (SOCI), Amanda Ruiz (MATH-COMP)

Honors Committee (6 members)

Continuing Members (final year):

Humanities and Art: Halina Duraj (ENGL), Emily Reimer-Barry (THRS)

Social Sciences: Erik Fritsvold (SOCI)

New Members (2-year term):

Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Michael Shulman (MATH-COMP)

At Large: Bradley Bond (COMM), Avi Spiegel (POLS-IREL)     

Student Representatives (2, one-year terms)

Notes: (1) The assembly elects 2 faculty from Humanities/Arts, 1 from Social Sciences, 1 from Natural Sciences-Math, and two at large. (2) No more than one member from any single department may serve concurrently. (3) The chair of this committee is the director of the Honors Program (Bylaws III.H.2).

Budget Committee (6 members)

Continuing Members (final year):

Nadav Goldschmeid (PSYC), Lisa Nunn (SOCI), Daniel Sheehan (PHYS)

New Members (2-year term):

Curtis Loer (BIOL), Lukasz Pruski (MATH-COMP), Steve Tammelleo (PHIL)

Graduate Studies Committee (3 members)

Continuing Members (final year):

No Graduate Program: Hugh Ellis (BIOL)

New Members (2-year term):

Copley Library: Open
No Graduate Program: Saturnino Garcia (MATH-COMP)

Departmental Reps (not elected by Assembly)

Graduate Student Association Representative (1, one-year term)

Note: The assembly elects 2 reps from departments with no graduate program, plus a library representative; each department with a grad program also elects its own rep.

Committee on Undergraduate Teaching and Learning (7 members)

Continuing Members (final year):

Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Eric Jiang (MATH-COMP)
Social Sciences: Anne Koenig (PSYCH)
Humanities and Arts: Allison Wiese (ART)

New Members (2-year term):

Humanities and Arts: Rico Monge (THRS)
Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Christopher Daley (CHEM)
Social Sciences: Diane Keeling (COMM)
Copley Library: Lisa Burgert (LIBR)

Note: The assembly elects 2 from natural sciences and mathematics, 2 from humanities and arts, 2 from social sciences, and 1 from the library.


Academic Review Committee (3 members):

Continuing Members:

Natural Sciences and Mathematics: Terry Bird (BIOL, third and final year)

Social Sciences: Michelle Jacob (ETHN, second year)

New Member (3-year term):

Humanities and Arts: Susan Babka (THRS)       

Note: 3-year terms: 1 from natural sciences and mathematics, 1 from social sciences, and 1 from humanities and the arts, in rotation.

University Grievance Panel (2 members + 1 alternate):

Elected for 1-year term: Kimberly Eherenman (LANG), Marjorie Patrick (BIOL)

Alternate: Susan Babka (THRS)

Note: Members may not also sit concurrently on the University ARRT Appeals Panel.

University ARRT Appeals Panel (2 members +1 alternate):

Elected for 1-year term: Lukasz Pruski (MATH-COMP), Lori Watson (PHIL)

Alternate: Steven Staninger (LIBR)

Note: Members may not also sit concurrently on the University Grievance Panel.

University Senate (11 Senators + 3 alternates):

Continuing Senators (final year):

Can Bilsel (ART), Hugh Ellis (BIOL), Jane Friedman (MATH-COMP),

Vidya Nadkarni (POLS-IREL), Ronald Pachence (THRS), Thomas Reifer (SOCI)

New Members (2-year term):

James Bolender (CHEM), John Glick (MATH-COMP), Kristin Moran (COMM),

Lance Nelson (THRS), Daniel Sheehan (PHYS)

Alternates (1-year term): Amy Besnoy (LIBR), Eric Pierson (COMM), Cecilia Ruiz (LANG)

Note: 2-year term, 1 year for alternates; the number of College of Arts and Sciences senators is determined yearly by provost calculation per Senate bylaws.

Academic Assembly Executive Committee:

Elected for 1 year term:

Chair: Mary Sue Lowery (BIOL)
Vice Chair: Steven Staninger (LIBR)
Secretary: Open
Parliamentarian: Lynn McGrath (MATH-COMM)

Ad Hoc Committee on the Constitution & Bylaws:

Amy Besnoy (LIBR), Stacy Langton (MATH-COMP), Eric Pierson (COMM), John Yin (MARS-ENV)

Student Representatives

  • The vice president of academics of the Associated Student Body is a member of the Academic Assembly and serves on the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.

  • A representative of the Graduate Student Association serves a one-year term on the Graduate Studies Committee.

  • A student selected by the Associated Student Body serves a one-year term on the Academic Affairs and Planning Committee.

  • Two student representatives serve one-year terms on the Honors Committee.

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