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Go Beyond the Basics

While interning, go beyond the basics by volunteering for increased responsibilities. Combine this approach “to do more” with an effort “to learn more.” In the process of increasing your work, increase your knowledge and skills. Here are some ways to gain more as you go beyond the basics:

  • Ask questions about the work that you do. For example, how does this work contribute to your division or the organization as a whole? What skills or insights are you gaining? How will completing this project help your performance in carrying out other projects?
  • Use the opportunity to do more as a means for meeting other people in your work setting. When you meet others, learn what they do, how they got into their fields, and seek advice about your own career.
  • Keep an internship journal. Develop a journal where you track insights, keep notes about projects you have completed and skills that you have gained. If you are taking a class, your internship journal can help in completing assignments. As you develop your resume, consult your journal for insight into the skills that you have gained.
  • If you are assembling a portfolio based on your work as an intern, collect approved examples of your work and company literature. These examples often help demonstrate your contributions and can be of use in later employment interviews.