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International Opportunities

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General Information

  • Going Global (Recommended)
    Extensive information about jobs, internships, customs, cultures, visa regulations, H1B petitions and positions, and more. Establish an account from an on-campus computer to gain access.

International Job Sites

Major cities with international business opportunities

  • San Francisco: finance, organizations with connections in the Far East
  • Los Angeles: organizations with connections in the Far East
  • Miami: international trade and shipping
  • New York: finance, trade, shipping, nonprofit, media, film
  • Chicago: consulting and banking
  • Washington D.C.: lobbying, nonprofit, consulting, think-tanks, government

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Opportunities in the U.S.

Federal Agencies That Send Civilian Employees Overseas

Federal Job Sites

  • Making the Difference (recommended)
    Information about finding and applying for federal jobs and internships
  • USAJobs
    One–stop resource for federal job listings and employment information
  • Student Opportunities
    Federal jobs and internships for students

Additional Government–Related Links


Opportunities in San Diego

H1B Positions and Sponsoring Organizations

  • My Visa Jobs: View all H1B positions that were certified, withdrawn and denied in 2011

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Internships Abroad

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International Education Jobs

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Volunteer and Short–Term Opportunities



Au Pair


Placement Providers

Work Campus

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Non–Profit and NGO

Cultural/Country Relations

Education and Literacy

Economic Development and Employment

Environment and Sustainable Development

Exchange and Volunteer Programs

Farming and Agriculture

Human Rights and Freedom

Medical Services and Reproductive Health

Political Rights, Reforms and Service

Population Issues

Relief, Hunger, Aid and Poverty

Refugee Relief

Religious Freedom and Service

Women's Rights and Health

Additional Issues

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