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Four Year Career Plan

Every student follows a different path during their college years.  We suggest a general action plan for you to tailor to your individual interests throughout your four years at the University of San Diego.  These activities will help you gain a better understanding of your career options and prepare you for making decisions about employment or graduate/professional school.  Career Services is here to provide assistance to all students every step of the way.


Consider possibilities - explore your interests and skills

  • Think about the topics, activities, and work-related tasks you are good at and particularly enjoy
  • Take different classes that interest you, and notice which courses you find particularly interesting: the lectures, the readings, the discussions
  • Review the Undergraduate Course Catalog for the majors at USD
  • Watch videos and read about careers of tentative interest
  • Attend student organization meetings in areas that interest you
  • Attend the Majors Fair in the Spring to talk to faculty and upper-division students about USD’s 42 majors and 50 minors
  • Create a resume and visit Career Services for guidance
  • Register with ToreroLink to search for a summer job or internship that will be enjoyable and challenging


Prepare for the future - start making decisions about career options

  • Find a summer experience (job, internship, volunteer) to try out a field that interests you


Time for action - develop your Career Action Plan


Finalize your plans - apply for jobs or graduate school

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