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Guide for Networking with Admissions Representatives

Prior to the Graduate School Fair, visit the program website to learn about the programs’ admission requirements, application procedures, and program content. Then prepare questions that will help you decide which programs are best suited to your interests, talents and budget. Some questions might include


  • How many students are enrolled in the program?
  • How many students are accepted into each year (or semester’s) cohort?
  • How large are the classes?


  • What is the tuition?
  • What type of financial aid is available (loans, fellowships, grants, scholarships)?
  • Are teaching and research assistantships available?

Career Assistance

  • What kind of assistance do students receive regarding their job search and employment leads?
  • What occupations do your graduates typically enter?


  • Can you describe the relevant graduate student organizations that are active on campus?


  • What is the political, social, and cultural climate like?


  • Does the program focus on original research or does it stress a practical application of knowledge?
  • What type of research is undertaken by faculty and students?
  • Does the program encourage or require internships and/or practica?


  • What are the credentials of the department faculty?
  • How diverse is the faculty?
  • Do faculty scholars teach or are they mainly involved in research?


  • Is the program established or new?
  • Is the program accredited by any accreditation organizations?
  • What makes this program unique?

Prepare Responses to Such Questions As:

  • Why do you want to go to graduate school?
  • What are your career plans?
  • When do you plan to start?