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Individuals who wish to join a Sports Club should contact the club leadership directly. They will be more than willing to answer all of your questions about the team, including whether or not the team has tryouts. The list of club captains and leaders is available by checking the Club Directory.

Sport Club Tryout Dates

Men's Soccer Sept. 4,6,9,11 5 - 7 PM Valley Field
Men's Water Polo Sept. 10, 11, 12 4 - 6 PM SC Pool
Ultimate Frisbee

Sept. 15

Sept. 17

2 - 5 PM,

8 - 10 PM

Valley Field
Quidditch Club Sept. 15, 22, 29 5 PM - 7 PM Valley Field
Climbing Club Sept. 11, 16, 18 7 - 10:30 PM Mesa Rim Climbing Club
Tennis Club Sept. 12, 17, 19 7:30 - 9:30 PM Sport Center Tennis Cts
Beach Volleyball Sept. 13, 14 Fri 2 PM, Sat 12 noon South Mission Jetty VB Cts
Men's Lacrosse Sept. 16, 18, 20 5 - 7 PM Manchester Field
Women's Lacrosse Sept. 16, 18 5 - 7 PM Manchester Field
Women's Volleyball Sept. 16, 18 5 - 7 PM Sport Center Gym
Men's Club Volleyball Sept. 16, 18 5 - 7 PM Sport Center Gym
Women's Soccer Sept. 17, 19, 20 5 - 7 PM Valley Field
Men's Rugby

Sept. 17, 19

Sept. 21

4 - 7 PM

10 AM - 12 Noon

Manchester Field
Dance Team Sept. 21, 22 11 - 2 PM Sport Center Stage
Equestrian Club Sept. 21 9 AM Bonita Barn
Surf Team Sept. 21 10 AM South Mission Beach
Women's Water Polo

Sept. 22

Sept. 25

10:30 - 12:30 PM

6 - 7 PM

Sport Center Pool
Men's Baseball Club

Sept. 21

Sept. 28

Sept. 29

12 - 2 PM

12 - 2 PM

2 - 6 pm

Brickyard Cages

Brickyard Cages

Mission Bay Athletic Area


Process To Join A Club

  1. Once you have decided to tryout/join a sports club, you must register for your specific sport club through the Campus Recreation registration website. This is the same process whether you are taking it for-credit or for non-credit.

    Registration includes reading, agreeing to and filling out several forms, which are vital for keeping all of our athletes safe and keeping our records up-to-date:

    • Current USD Identification
    • Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Code of Behavior forms
    • Current proof of medical insurance, normally in the form of your medical insurance card. All sports club participants are required to have their own personal medical insurance prior to participating in a sports club
  2. If you plan on driving (yourself or others) to any off-campus function related to your sports club, you must present your:

    • Drivers license
    • Automobile registration
    • Proof of automobile insurance

    You must also indicate this information on the registration form. If you do not plan on driving, then please fill in "N/A" in the cells for driver's information. Every cell on the form must have something in it.

  3. Pay team dues as applicable.

    If you plan on taking it as a non-credit option, please pay online with credit card or campus cash. You may also pay with check or cash at the recreation office . No payment plans are accepted.

    If you plan to take it as a for-credit class (sport club specific), then you also need to register for it using your MySanDiego account or go to the registrar.

  4. You will be required to fill out the Release of Liability Form.

    Additionally, you must drop off a copy of your health insurance card to the campus recreation office. Please note that you must provide your own photo copy of your insurance card (campus recreation will NOT make a copy for you). In the photo copy, the front and the back of the card must be photocopied on the SAME SIDE of a single sheet of white paper. If you fail to meet these specifications, you will not be considered cleared and cannot play or practice until you meet the specific requirements.

  5. You also should review the following Participant Registration guidelines.

Once an individual has met all registration requirements, paid their dues, and turned in the emergency contact and insurance form to the recreation office, they will be permitted to participate with their respective sports club.