Sports Clubs


Developmental Goals

Members of USD Sports and Recreation clubs experience participating in a new or competitive activity. In doing so, Campus Recreation encourages their growth and development as both athletes and individuals by providing competitive experiences, opportunities for teamwork, and an opportunity to pursue a healthy interest. Additionally, USD's Sports and Recreation Clubs are managed and run by student leaders. As such, members of each club develop valuable life-long skills in management and leadership.

For more information or questions please contact our Sports Club Coordinator, at (619) 260-8849.

Sports Clubs vs. Recreation Clubs

Sports Clubs differ from other campus athletic programs by providing opportunities for certain sports that are not offered through intercollegiate athletics; but unlike intramurals, Sports Clubs compete against other schools. Clubs generally are competitive, practice two or three times per week and have coaches. Many teams compete nationally with other colleges and universities, and often bring back titles and trophies. This means that students can still participate competitively in their favorite sports.

Many Sports Clubs have tryouts in the fall. However, you don't have to be experienced in the sport you're interested in; we have experienced coaches that can assist beginners as well as hone the skills of established athletes. All interested students are invited to tryout.

Recreation Clubs are special interest activity clubs that are open to the entire campus (students and employees). The clubs are organized to present social interaction, skill development and occasionally less competitive activities. You can join a Recreation Club any time during the year and participate in any of their special events, meetings, social gatherings, and competitions.

Associated Students

Both Sports and Recreation clubs are Associated Student sponsored organizations, supervised by Campus Recreation. Clubs elect their own student leaders to organize and administer their club. Student leadership is required of all clubs.

Give Back

Every contribution to USD Club Sports is viewed as important. Whether it is great or small, donations like yours help build our Torero Sport Club future. *When you click on "Give Now", please select "other" on the giving form and ensure that you type in "CLUB SPORTS:..." and include the specific name of the club you wish to donate to. 

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