Sports Club Participants Guidelines

Welcome to the USD Associated Student sponsored Sports Club program.  We hope your experience with the sports club of your choice is enjoyable and beneficial.  The following guidelines have been established to assist you in becoming a sports club member.

  1. Investigate the club before signing up.  Find out requirements for being a member (dues, team rules, practices etc.). Then obtain approval from your club to sign up.
  2. Register online or at the Campus Recreation office.
  3. When registering you will be asked to sign the following forms & pay your club dues.
    • Code of Behavior
    • Assumption of Risk statement
    • Agreement & Release of Liability form
    • Medical Insurance Verification form 
    • Driver Verification form
    • Driver Insurance form

    (If you are under 18 years of age you will have to have your parents sign the forms)

  4. You may not participate (practice or compete) on a sports club until you have medical insurance coverage and filled out all required forms listed above. USD DOES NOT COVER SPORTS CLUB PARTICIPANTS WITH MEDICAL INSURANCE
  5. Prior to traveling to a club event you must sign all transportation waivers.  (Your club president or representative will have you sign this form)
  6. Use of alcohol or controlled substances is not part of the Sports Club philosophy.  The use of alcohol or controlled substances by sports club participants while representing the University of San Diego during team travel or at home contests/ practices (before or after) is not permitted.  Any involvement in such conduct will result in suspension or dismissal from the sports club program.  Be aware alcohol is not permitted at any USD athletic venue (participants or spectators).
  7. Good behavior and Sportsmanship are expected of all sports club participants.  Inappropriate actions may result in suspension or dismissal from the sports club program. Please remember you are viewed as a USD representative not only by the university, but by others who observe your actions.
  8. All sports club members must be a registered student at the University or an employee of the University.  Specific league rules may require a minimum number of units per semester or that the participant is an undergraduate student.

By checking the box I certify that I have read the Sports Club guidelines and  understand and agree to follow the guidelines listed within this document.