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Drop Shadow

Group Exercise Spring 2014 Class Descriptions

Abs & Toning

If your goal is to get fit, start with this class designed to tone your entire body using bodyweight and balance exercises that emphasize core muscles. This class is great conditioning preparation for Boot Camp.

Boot Camp

Tone up or slim down with this fast-paced total body workout targeting the core, coordination, and cardio activities. If you're relying on one class to complete your days' workout, Boot Camp is your ticket.

Indoor Cycling

Roll along to upbeat music as you burn mega calories, sculpt your lower body and build your cardiovascular endurance in this indoor cycling workout on the Spinner Bikes. Be prepared to sweat- bring plenty of water and a towel to class. *Held in SC 109 (Sports Center)

Pilates Mat

Improve your strength, flexibility, muscular balance, and relaxation with exercises focused on core awareness, breathing, and muscular endurance for the abs, lower back, and legs.

Power Yoga

Focuses on breathing and the awareness of the energy moving through one's body. It follows a traditional hatha yoga sequence, balancing a combination of invigorating flow, basic ailment instruction, and energy work.

Yoga Fusion

A blend of several different yoga styles -- it includes the intensity of power yoga with a multi-disciplinary approach to improve flexibility, cardio, toning, posture, and core movements.

Total Body Conditioning

You’ll be using only your body weight to sculpt strong muscles in your upper body, lower body, and core. Plyometrics, agility, and pure cardio will make you work every muscle group, so prepare to get your heart racing and sweat pouring!

Total Body Workout

A strength training class targeting major muscle groups using various equipment and body weight. Total body incorporates bursts of cardio into movements intended to help you tone all major muscles.

TRX Boot Camp

Build strength, increase flexibility and develop core stability and power. Learn how to control your body and move the way it was designed to, while torching lots of calories at the same time.

Yoga Fire

Gain balance and composure while cultivating inner peace in this heated, deep stretching "hot" style Vinyasa yoga class. Room is heated up to 80 degrees; bring a large towel, plenty of water, and be prepared to sweat.

Yoga Flow

A multi-level strength based practice that incorporates warm ups, and a series of poses designed to work the body to the core, helping to loosen the joints, and get the blood flowing.

Yoga Fusion

Work on core, body posture, cardio, toning, and flexibility from a multi-discipline approach, incorporating styles of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ashtanga yoga and Pilates for an intense all-body workout.

Yoga Sculpt

Focus on working the entire body with strength conditioning and Vinyasa style power flow yoga to tighten and lengthen your muscles. Incorporates core stability while using both body and hand-held weights to optimize strength and flexibility.


Dance away calories and have a blast with the fun and easy dance aerobics class! Groove to Latin beats as you sweat and tone. No dance experience needed.