Athletic Training / Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention

Our on-campus athletic trainer can help you with any sport injury in addition to injury prevention. We do not accept insurance of any kind to process payments.

Process and Fees:

  1. Register online for the mandatory "initial consultation" for $10.
    • The consultation is not a diagnosis, but a "meet and greet" with our trainer so she can get more information from you about your injury and look in to your doctor's recommendations. Our trainer will not diagnosis your injury or perform any major rehabilitation services for major injuries. We do not perform physical therapy services.
  2. The Recreation Manager will contact you to set up the appointment with the trainer.
  3. The trainer will then meet with you during the consultation and recommend to you a training package which you then need to register and pay for before you go to training again:
    • 1 Session: $15
    • 3 Sessions: $40
    • 5 Sessions: $65
    • 7 Sessions: $90

NOTE: All packages purchased must be used up by the end of the current semester (from date of purchase). Packages do not roll over to subsequent semesters. We will not issue refunds or pro-rated refunds for unused sessions. It is your responsibility to register for the appropriate package.

While the trainer will recommend session packages to you based off of the extent of your injury, it is your responsibility to register for the appropriate package. Payments must be received prior to first visit and are non-refundable 15 days after registering (i.e. you need to see the trainer within 15 days of registering and we will not issue refunds after the 15th day from the date of purchase).

Register for Injury Rehab and Prevention at:

E-mail the Recreation Programs Manager at for more information.