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Community Activities


The goal of the Community Activities Program is to support the growth and richness of the University of San Diego community. Social interaction and community connection is enhanced through the offering of activities that attract a large number of USD community member participants.

The program focuses both on campus life and off campus life activities for residents and commuters of the University community and is open to USD students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents of USD students unless designated specifically for a particular group.

Fall 2013 Community Activities and Special Events Schedule

 Event  Date/Time  Entries Close/Fee  Location
Welcome Week Glow Frisbee 9/4, 8 PM N/A- FREE Manchester Field
Welcome Week Recreation Open House & Pool Party 9/8, 12 - 4 PM N/A- FREE SC Pool
Welcome Week Glow Dodgeball 9/9, 8 PM N/A- FREE SC Gym
Welcome Week Beach Volleyball (part of Sun, Surf, & Volley) 9/14, games at 12, 1 & 2 PM N/A- FREE (tram pick up outside of the UC circle) South Mission Beach Jetty
Mission Cafe & Fitness Center Healthy Happy Hour 9/24, 5 - 7 PM N/A, FREE Mission Fitness Center
Extramural Beach Volleyball Tournament 10/5-10/6 10/3, FREE South Mission Beach Jetty
Family Weekend Golf Tournament 10/11, 1 - 5 PM 10/5, $35 per person Tecolote Canyon Golf Course
The Big Pink Volleyball 10/20, 1 - 5 PM 10/18, $25 per team of 6 SC Gym
Mini Tri Turkey Trot 11/17, 11 AM 11/16, $15 per person Sports Center


Pick Up Sports

Looking for an informal but structured activity? For our Pick-Up Sports program, Campus Recreation will supply an IM official on certain days for certain sports (see table below). Just drop by the activity of your choice and sub in or bring a team to sub in. Each officiated activity game will have a finish score. When that score is reached a new game with challenge players/teams will sub in. Free to all IM registered participants. Others must be USD students/staff/ or faculty, present a USD ID and sign our release of Liability form. If the sport is non-officiated, just stop on by to play a little pick-up!

Day(s) Time
*Start Date
Pick-Up Soccer (officiated) Sundays 12 - 2 PM 9/15/13 Valley Field
Pick-Up Basketball Tu/Th/Fri 5 - 7 PM 9/5/13 Sport Center Gym
Pick-Up Basketball (officiated) Sundays 2 - 5 PM 9/8/13 Sports Center Gym
Pick-Up Volleyball Fri/Sun Fridays 7 - 8 PM & Sundays 5 - 7 PM 9/6/13 Sport Center Gym

*Pick-Up Sports will be every posted day excluding holidays and some special events that may take priority. Please check the R25 USD Master calendar for a list of special events.


Wave House Athletic Club

Campus Recreation and the Wave House Athletic Club are joining forces to offer our off campus USD community: fitness classes, a full service fitness center, recreational activities and social opportunities.

This off campus Torero zone located in South Mission Beach by the roller coaster and on the ocean has ample parking and is close by for many of the USD off campus community members. USD members are now able to sign up for classes and activities at our discounted rate on our registration page or for credit through the registrar.