Alumni Services

USD Alumni are eligible to obtain a "Facility Use Pass" that permits access to the Sports Center (Pool, Basketball Courts, Tennis Courts, Locker Rooms), the Jenny Craig Pavilion McNamara Fitness Center, and the Mission Cafe and Fitness Center. The Facilities Use Pass also grants the pass holder access to purchase any additional Recreation program (e.g. Intramurals, non-credit Rec classes, GroupEx, Personal Training, etc.). 


  • Passes are $100 for 4-months or $175 for an entire year. 
  • Alumni may also purchase a single day pass for $10 per day, good at the Sports Center only.

Please note there is a $15 fee to replace a current lost or damaged card

Recent Graduates:

*For exactly one year from the date of graduation, alumni are eligible to receive a Facilities Use Pass at no charge (all alumni are required to have a Facilities Use Pass to gain entrance in to designated recreation/fitness facilities- your alumni association membership card is not a Facilities Use Pass). Please follow the steps outlined in the section below to get your pass if you fall into this category. 

Facility Pass Holder Guest Use Policy (Sports Center only):

Facilities Use Pass holders may bring in one additional guest to the Sports Center per visit for the listed "day use pass" rate. Sports Center guests passes are $10 per day. Or, the Facilities Use Pass holder can purchase a 4-month pass or 1-year pass on their guest's behalf.

Pass holders may bring in their immediate family children (12 and under) for free (only up to 4 children per card holder) to the Sports Center. Any family members who are 13 and older must purchase a guest pass at the rates listed above. Note: you must be at least 18 years or older to use the JCP Fitness Center or the Mission Cafe and Fitness Center. The parent/guardian card holder must actively supervise all minors (individuals under 18 years old) at all times while at the Sports Center.

Please call (619) 260-7751 or email for more information.

Alumni must first obtain a Facilities Use Pass before participating in any on-campus recreation program.

Please note that passes do not include parking. Please follow all posted Parking Services rules when parking on campus. Fees apply Monday - Friday between 7am - 7pm. Parking is free at USD Monday - Friday from 7pm - 7am and 24 hours a day Saturdays and Sundays. 

  • Fitness and Recreation Programs Open to Alumni
  • Process to Obtain a Recreation Facilities Use Pass & Parking Info