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Student Telephone Information

For students living on campus, each room has been provided with a telephone that can be used immediately. Touch-Tone, Call Waiting, Redial, and Hold are all standard features. Each student will be given a Personal Billing Number (PBN) which identifies and bills your account for any calls made off-campus from any university phone. Most students rely on cell phones, but if you wish to activate your PBN go to the Campus Card office in the USD Bookstore. Please read the "Student Telephone Information" pamphlet that you will find in your residence room, as it contains all the information, policies and procedures related to your campus phone account.

Personal Billing Numbers (PBN)

Your student’s Personal Billing Number is a method of billing for any calls placed from a university’s phone to an off-campus number. The PBN code is a type of charge account. There is a $10 processing fee to change a student’s Personal Billing Number. The student’s ID number is his or her account number. To maintain the highest level of security, students should keep their PBN confidential.

If students forget their PBNs or suspect that someone may be using them, they must call the Campus Card Services office immediately at ext. 5999.

Important Policies and Procedures

There is a standard wall phone that is supplied by the university in each residence hall room. The standard wall phone should not be removed from the wall. Students may be charged a fee for reconnecting the phone if it is removed. There are additional jacks located in the dorm rooms to connect their own phone, answering machine and computer.

All campus phones are restricted from dialing 976/900 entertainment numbers and 1-800 service announcement numbers. These calls cannot be billed to the residence hall phone number. A fine of $50 will be charged to the person(s) if these calls are billed back to the university.

Students cannot sign up for any type of discount calling plan offered by phone companies. The residence hall room phone numbers are the property of the university, and any discounts/credits are applied to the university’s phone account.


Local calls (calls made within the SBC service area) are billed at the prevailing SBC business rates with an additional two-cent-per-minute charge.

Local toll calls (calls made outside of the local calling area but still within SBC’s service area) are billed based on distance (in air miles) and time of day


Phone bills are processed the first week of each month. Bills are sent directly to the students so they can review their records. If there are any adjustments to be made due to unauthorized use of a student’s PBN or a double-charge for a call, he or she must visit the Campus Card Services office and fill out an appeal form. Phone payments can be made at the cashier’s office located in the Hughes Administration Center, room 207, or Campus Card Services, located in the USD Bookstore. For convenience, a drop box is located on the outside wall of the cashier’s office. USD will not be responsible for cash payments that are deposited in the drop box. Students must notify the Campus Card Services office immediately of any changes such as permanent address change, off-campus move, room change, etc.

Calling Cards

Calls made from a residence hall room using Sprint, MCI, AT&T or any other calling card, and dialed with a 1-800 toll free number, will not be billed to the residence hall room extension. However, the calling card company may charge the “bill-to number” for the actual call. Contact your calling card company for information on billing. When applying for a calling card, you cannot use your dorm room number as the bill-to number. To make a call using a calling card, dial 9 + 1 + 800 + calling card number. Listen for the recall dial tone, enter your PBN and follow the instructions on the back of the calling card.

Credit Cards

Dial 9 + 0 + area code + phone number. Wait for the recall tone and enter your PBN. When a soft bong is heard, enter the credit card number.

Collect Calls

SBC will not normally process collect and third-party calls. However, should it inadvertently do so, a $25 processing fee will be billed to the student if the charges for the call are accepted. Claiming your collect call can eliminate the processing fee. Students should go to the Campus Card Services office within five working days and fill out a Collect Call Claims Form.

Phone Repairs and Voice mail

For phone repairs and voice mail questions, call Telecommunications at ext. 7500. All residence halls have been equipped with an Audix voice mail system. There is one voice mail box per room. At the beginning of each semester, a voice mail instruction packet containing the student’s password is given to the resident assistant to be distributed to each room. Voice mail cannot be removed from the room extension. If students choose to use their own answering service, they will need to set their answering service to pick up the calls on the second or fourth ring. The university’s voice mail system will pick up on the sixth ring.