Financial Wellness

The University of San Diego is committed to providing students with the resources, skills, and knowledge which will help you succeed both during your time as a student and after you graduate. Below, you can find a list of resources as well the topics, dates, times, and locations of our Financial Wellness workshop series!


Budgeting for the Semester and Managing your Money

Budgeting and managing your money for the semester can seem intimidating, especially as you prepare for things like spring break, summer vacation, and moving. Our workshop can show you how to manage that and more!

Upcoming Workshops

February 20, 2019 - Graduate Student Life, 4pm

February 21, 2019 - Degheri 112/113, 3pm

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This Month's Timely Topic

Budgeting for the Semester and Managing your Money

Budgeting your money and managing it throughout the semester can seem like a daunting task, but you can follow a few simple guidelines to get yourself started and keep yourself on track throughout the semester. 

  1. The first step in creating a budget is to identify the sources of income you have to work with every month – money from parents, savings from your summer job, current part-time jobs, scholarships, student loans and so on.
  2. Next, identify the expenses you’re responsible for each month, plus typical spending money. To help you do this, keep track of every penny you spend for a month, right down to the loose change you spend on pizza and vending machines.
  3. Once you’ve tracked your expenses for a month, add them up, compare the total to your income and start to put together a realistic budget. If you find that your expenses are higher than your income, you’ll need to find ways to cut back. 

More Budgeting Resources

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Financial Avenue

Financial Avenue powered by Inceptia #KNOWL

The University of San Diego Office of Financial Aid has teamed up with Inceptia, a non-profit organization, to give you a leg up on financial education via their online program, Financial Avenue. With Financial Avenue, the idea is to provide you with smart resources to help demystify the world of personal finance. Trust us, getting a handle on your money doesn't have to feel overwhelming or restrictive. It's all about empowering yourself with smart basics, and planning from there.

To learn more about Financial Avenue and how to access it, please visit the Financial Aid webpage!